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Symbian 2nd Edition

On Symbian 2nd Edition, a native module DLL should reside in system.appdir. The proper way to install it is via a .sis package, but this requires a UID and is not needed for simple testing.

Especially during testing, it is often simpler to transfer the .dll file on the device, e.g. via Bluetooth® or a memory card, and to copy it to the application directory via an explorer application or, even simpler, via m. The dllinstall.m script searches all devices for *_mm.dll files and allows to choose one to be copied.

Symbian 3rd/5th Edition

On Symbian 3rd/5th Edition, all DLLs must reside in \sys\bin and can only be installed via a signed SIS package.

There are several ways of creating such a package. Because it does not require an extra UID to be obtained from Symbian, the simplest is to create a package file patching m, with package type SP, and the m UID (0xa0009885 or 0xe7e0cab8, depending on the signing type). A sample package file World-S60_3.pkg for the world module looks as follows:

#"m Shell World module",(0xa0009885),2,0,0,TYPE=SP

Note that the DLL source path (Epoc32\...) must be prefixed by your SDK installation.


createsis create World-S60_3.pkg

will then create a file World-S60_3.sis to be transferred to your phone.

On Symbian 5th Edition, the sample package file is World-S60_5.pkg. It is identical except for the platform id.

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