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The Properties Dialog

The properties dialog is accessed via View→Properties. The application properties determine visual properties of m, and its behaviour with respect to the system.

Series 60 sample screen
UIQ sample screen

The individual properties are:

mfontThe m console font. A font with a leading asterisk is scalable.
pointsThe size of the font in pixels. This is ignored if the font is not scalable.
fgcolorThe foreground (text) color of console and editor.
bgcolorThe background color of console and editor.
outsizeSize of console buffer in characters.
encodingThe encoding for source files: typical choices are bom and utf-8; other options are utf-16le, utf-16be and 8-bit. See section * (Reference) for details.
keepSelect whether system exit requests are ignored; if set to busy, requests are ignored if any script is running.
phoneYour own phone number, to be assigned to gsm.number.

See appendix * (Reference) for details about properties.

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