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Download m Products


Windows Installer Zip File
mShell 3.07 Download (.exe) Download (.zip)
Native Module SDK 3.07 - Download (.zip)

mShell add-ons

Zip File
mdoc Documentation Generator Download (.zip)
abgui m GUI & App Framework Download (.zip)
abhttp m HTTP Client Module Download (.zip)
abutils m Utilities Module Download (.zip)
msource Scanning m sources Download (.zip)


Windows Installer Zip File Free Key License Key
mVNC 2.02 Download (.exe) Download (.zip)
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About the Download

Both .exe installers (for Windows®) and .zip files (for all operating systems including Linux®) contain exactly the same files:

  • Symbian Installers (.sis files) for S60 and UIQ, to be downloaded to your phone,
  • all manuals as hyperlinked PDF documents,
  • for mVNC, the required Windows and Linux executables.
The .zip files for m add-ons contain m sources. To install, send the file to the device (e.g. via Bluetooth) and install it with the inbox2m script (which is part of the standard m installation).
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