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mVNC - Remote Control Your Phone

mVNC is a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server for Symbian OS phones. In conjunction with a VNC viewer, it displays the phone's screen in a window on the PC, and forwards keystrokes and mouse movements from the PC to the phone. The phone can therefore be almost completely controlled and operated from the PC.

Additionally mVNC offers file synchronization capabilities. It is therefore the ideal companion to m, the mobile shell: scripts can be edited in your familiar editor on the PC, executed from the PC, and output can be immediately analyzed on the PC, all without manually transferring any file.
Besides supporting m development, mVNC can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Comfortably using applications on your phone, maintaining the address book and calendar, writing messages at full speed...
  • Demonstrating your phone's upscaled screen on a PC, or projecting it via a beamer connected to the PC. This makes mVNC an ideal presentation tool for sales, support or training.

mVNC uses Bluetooth®, WLAN of USB-cable for the communication between phone and PC. In Bluetooth mode, the PC must be equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver (or an equivalent USB dongle). Since standard VNC clients communicate via TCP/IP (Internet) with their server, mVNC consists of two components: a server on the phone, and a proxy on the PC acting as an intermediate, forwarding the Bluetooth or USB-cable data from the server via TCP/IP to the client, and vice versa. A VNC client can thus connect locally or remotely to control the phone. If connected over WLAN, no proxy is required (the WLAN bearer has a TCP/IP layer) and therefore this connection option is ideal in pure Mac environments.

mVNC must be activated before first use via SMS. Your expenses are limited to the cost of sending a simple SMS to Switzerland.

For activation, you must purchase a licence key or you can use licence key 0 for a free trial licence. The trial licence limits connection time to five minutes and file transfer size to 4 KB.

mVNC can be downloaded here.

  • mVNC Server
  • mVNC Proxy for Windows
  • mVNC Proxy for Linux
  • User Guide (PDF) English and German
License: Purchase licence key for full version or use 0 for free version.
  • Displays the phone screen on a PC
  • Maps the PC keyboard to the phone
  • Maps the PC mouse to the pen (UIQ)
  • Automatic file transfer
  • Connection tpyes: Bluetooth®, WLAN and USB-cable
PC Requirements:
  • Windows® or Linux® operating system (to run proxy component if connected over Bluetooth or USB-cable)
  • Bluetooth equipped PC
  • Windows: tested with WIDCOMM™ and Windows XP Bluetooth stacks
  • Linux: kernel with bluez and bluez utilities
Supported Phones:
  • S60 1st - 2nd Edition (Symbian 7.0s, 8.0, 8.1)
  • S60 3rd Edition (Symbian 9.1)
  • S60 5th Edition (Symbian 9.4)
  • UIQ2 (Symbian 7.0)
  • UIQ3 (Symbian 9.1)
Price: CHF 31.90 - full licence
free - trial licence
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